Hi loves! We are Maddy and Alexa From Vancouver, Canada. We decided that the best & easiest way to introduce ourselves, is to describe each other. So, here are our best friend vows…

Alexa is one of my smallest friends, but don’t think for a second she’s not one of the loudest. She’s crazy, happy, sweet, cute, innocent, annoying, dumb, smart; all around probably my favourite human being in one tiny body. In the 10 years we have known each other and been friends, she has never once pissed me off or betrayed me; never went out of her way to upset me, and thats one hell of a person to have around you. She know’s my deepest darkest secrets and never has she thought to repeat them to anyone. She’s the type of person you trust with your life and can depend on. If you were to buy her any present you would buy her most favourite obsessions; candles, candies, and Victoria’s Secret body sprays. She’s scared of her own shadow at times but that’s the cherry on top of all her cuteness! xx

Maddy is my crazy best friend, we met back when we were in elementary school and we’ve both been crazy since then. She is outgoing, Confident, Carefree, Grumpy, Happy, confusing and literally changes her mind on the daily. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her, she is completely herself! We always have each other’s backs, because thats what sisters are for right? Oh yeah…. by the way, we call each other sis! I think us doing a blog together is a great way to express our everyday lives and all the details that come along with them. PS one of our favourite hobbies is taking photos together/ of each other… so watch out there’s gonna be a million!



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