My new year favourites


Hello loves!! I am super excitedddd about this post because I LOVE all of these items I am about to share with you! They have helped me in so many ways; it is usually hard for me to find products that I actually fall in love with but all of a sudden in the beginning of the new year I found so many products that I use on the daily.

So first off I’m going to start with my makeup products, I’m personally really into dark red and brown lipsticks or just pretty much anything dark on my lips. I’ve really been loving these two MAC cosmetics ones… the first one is a dark red called Satin Rebel and the second is called Matte Antique Velvet A35, I don’t even know where to begin telling you how amazing these lipsticks are, they make my lips moisturized the whole time I have them on and they smell so good!!

I’ve always struggled finding the perfect foundation just like Maddy and we both found our perfect one! The foundation I use is called Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation it is amazing!! I can instantly tell when I put it on that my eyes are glowing and I just look more awake, it also goes on really smooth and feels really light on your skin, I feel like I’m not even wearing foundation! Which is nice because it can last up to 24 hours on your face and you can’t even tell.  I use the shade 106 Sun beige. 

Recently I had ordered the January Ipsy Glam Bag because there has been so much hype about all these subscription boxes I just thought I had to give one of them a try!! I received two products out of the Glam bag that I have been using a lot, the first one is this ” MR. WRITE (NOW) eyeliner pencil crayon in the shade (Jac). I didn’t think I would like the colour at first because I’m usually into just wearing black eyeliner but I started using this eyeliner under my eyes by the waterline and it has made my eyes POP and I feel like it is the change I needed in my eye make up, I also enjoy wearing this eyeliner with The elf Duo eyeshadow in the shade plum/coffee, it looks really pretty together. This next Ipsy product I got isn’t a makeup product but it is a facial moisturizer called Promise Organic Ultra Moisturizing Argan Creme Facial Lotion with Olive Oil, it is said to be 100% Natural. I instantly fell in love with this product!!! It moisturizes my skin so well and leaves it smelling amazing. They only gave a little sample in the glam bag but I am on my way to ordering the full size product for sure!!

My next two makeup favssss are by maybelline, The first one I actually saw on Zoellas youtube channel and I thought I would try it out, and it is the Lash Sensational Mascara, Fill fan effect, and I can see why this was in her favourites! It makes my eye lashes so long and full of volume and I also recommend it to all of you too give it a try. Another product that looks really good with this mascara is the Revlon Colour stay liquid liner in the shade darkest black, it goes on really smooth and is easy to get that perfect wing at the end. OK NEXT SO if you are looking for an inexpensive eyebrow pencil you should try this one by maybelline!!! It is called…. dun dun da Define-A-Brow in the shade medium brownit has finally made my eyebrows the way i’ve always wanted them to be, it is also super easy to put on and lasts a long time! I will leave a picture of me with my eyebrows done at the end of this blog post. I use it every day of my lifeeeeee, but not actually but most of the time.

Now to finally top off these makeup products is the Annabelle Biggy bronzer matte in the shade matte gold… when I do my makeup it is not fully finished until I put on this bronzer; it is pretty much the finishing touch. This bronzer makes my skin so smooth and makes me feel sun kissed, I apply it too my forehead, cheeks, and chin area; these are the spots where the bronzer will really stand out.

Onto my next favourites which is my skin care products that keep my skin glowing. My mom recently got me the night time clean and clear face wash, I use the day time one every morning but I was so excited they had a night time one! It is called night relaxing deep cleaning facial cleanser. I use this every night to wash all my makeup off and everything that was on my face that day; it also leaves me feeling relaxed and ready for bed zzzz. After I am in bed I always moisturize my face so I wake up feeling fresh, I use the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel . I like the gel better then the creme; personally I feel like it doesn’t get greasy and sticky like some other moisturizers I have used in the past; so I also recommend the Gel version to all of you! OK ALSO I am recently loving the Hempz Pure herbal extracts, original herbal body moisturizer. I use this product everyday and it has honestly changed my skin, It keeps me moisturized throughout the whole day and I probably use it on my hands 100 times a day! There are so many different scents of this moisturizer too; it says to Smooth generously over entire body daily. I think after a few uses you will see a difference in your skin, well I sure did!!

Lastly I am going to share my health/beauty products that I have been using the past few weeks.  I have recently started taking vitamins because I wanted to become a healthier version of my self so I started taking two Multivites by Vitafusion gummy vitamins  everyday. I honestly didn’t think I would notice a difference at all within my body but I have; my hair is growing and is also really shinny the past few weeks and I think these vitamins had to be a part of it… So I’m definitely going to keep taking them and it makes it easier because they taste so good!!! Another product that Maddy has gotten me into is drinking Oolong tea everyday, it is a Chinese organic green and black tea that is beneficial for your health in many ways! These details are in the link above. That being said tea can make your teeth yellow… and no one wants yellow teeth, So I recently came upon a tooth paste that is called 3D Crest white luxe, it says on the product that it removes up too 90% of surface stains in 5 days. I honestly did not believe that at first because it was such a good deal but it honestly does work, my teeth have slowly became whiter! It is a cheaper alternative instead of using crest white strips and it is made by the same company. Finally the last item that is on my 2016 favourites so far is my Michael Kors wallet, I got this for Christmas and It honestly goes with any outfit I wear and it is super cute!  OK yas I am finally done my 2016 favourites so I hope you all enjoy and I hope some of these products with benefit you too! Stay tuned for more of my 2016 favourites throughout the month.


xx A





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