the first step


After months of talking about wanting to start a lifestyle blog, we’ve finally found some motivation to get off our butts and do it! This is our little story about how our blooming lifestyle came to life,

The fitspo craze all over instagram has made us want to jump on the fitness bandwagon for wayyy too long now. We felt like we needed something more than looking at hot bods all over IG to motivate us and help us change our lifestyle for the better. What finer way to get fit, live a healthy life, and learn all the new beauty and fashion tips of 2016 than to do it with your best friend?

In summer of 2015 we were driving and started talking about wanting to start a blog (for the millionth time). The hot weather and summer scenery caused Alexa to come up with the name ‘blooming’. We ran with the idea because everyones lives are constantly growing and changing; we’re all blooming individuals. We figured it would be an easy name for everyone to relate to. Our main goal in life is to blossom into the people we want to be, so we thought why not share the experience.

Our main focus of this blog is to share our makeup tips, fashion ideas, health & fitness guides, travel experiences, and any other shenanigans we get ourselves into!

We have goals we want to conquer this year so we hope you join us on this journey.


muchos love,
M & A xx


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