My go to….


black classic leggings | longline textured jacket | pointed faux suede booties french terry pullover | enamel trim aviator sunglasses


Sooooo I always dream about getting all the clothes I want in the world; but that’s just never going to happen (sigh) When I see an outfit online that I can’t afford at that moment I usually try and find a cheaper alternative…. FOREVER 21 is my go too!!!! It’s the best and has tons of look alike clothes that are similar to all the expensive name brands! Every time I go into the store I usually find something I like or want to try on; the quality of there clothes are amazing. I have lots of clothes from Forever 21 that have lasted me years. I’m going to show you guys an example of a super duper cute outfit I got from there! There not going to be the exact same pieces of clothing but they will be really similar just so you guys can get an idea…. If you email subscribe to you can get 10% off your first order…. and also have free shipping over 50$…. what a plus!! Leave a comment below telling us what your favourite store is!?! We would love to hear 


A xx



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